Amazing alternatives to using chemical cleaners at your Gold Seal apartment

lemons Do common household cleaners sting your eyes, make you cough or give you a headache every time you clean your apartment? Cleaning your Gold Seal apartment doesn’t have to make you feel sick or hurt the planet, especially when you opt to make your own products at home, without harsh chemicals. Not only are DIY and alternative cleaning products healthier for you and better for the environment but they’re also much more affordable. In fact, many of the ingredients needed to make cleaning products are likely already in your Gold Seal apartment. When the next cleaning day rolls around, why not set aside your usual products and whip up a few eco-friendly solutions instead. Here are a few tips: General cleaning around your Gold Seal apartment
  • Use white vinegar to clean countertops, chrome, grease, floors and to get your windows sparkling. For an all-purpose cleaner, use a 50:50 mix of water and vinegar.
  • Easily absorb odours, scrub ovens, sinks and countertops with a bit of baking soda. To get your oven looking like new, sprinkle with baking soda, spray with water and leave on for 12 hours. Respray the water every few hours and then scrub until it’s spotless.
  • Remove tough grease stains, wipe windows, and clean mucky sinks with fresh lemon juice.
  • Use vegetable oil or lemon oil to polish furniture.
  • Instead of using harmful air fresheners, get your Gold Seal apartment smelling fresh by boiling a lemon or your favourite herbs and spices.
  • Try baking soda and vinegar to open a clogged drain. Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain first, then a solution of one cup baking soda and one cup vinegar. Cover the drain for 10 minutes and then pour a final pot of boiling water down.
  • Wash dishes with plant-based dish soaps. For example, Dawn is biodegradable and contains zero phosphates.
Laundry day without detergent
  • Borax, sodium perborate and hydrogen peroxide can all be used, separately, as environmentally friendly alternatives to chlorine bleach.
  • Washing soda can remove stubborn stains and whiten laundry just as well as detergent. Try a mixture of one cup soap flakes, half a cup borax and half a cup washing soda instead of laundry detergent.
  • Instead of fabric softener, try tossing one cup of white vinegar into the rinse cycle of your laundry to soften clothes, eliminate odours and lift lingering detergent.
In addition to making your own cleaning products with natural ingredients, there is a growing number of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market that you can try using around your Gold Seal apartment. In Canada, products that are deemed safe for humans and the environment have an EcoLogo (three doves intertwined to form a maple leaf). Gold Seal owns and manages a number of gorgeous townhomes and well-maintained apartment buildings across the GTA including Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, and Toronto. Apartments are located in thriving neighbourhoods close to public transportation, parks, schools, a wide variety of restaurants and bars, and family-friendly attractions. To view Gold Seal apartments for rent, be sure to visit today.