Amazing alternatives to using chemical cleaners at your Gold Seal apartment

Do common household cleaners sting your eyes, make you cough or give you a headache every time you clean your apartment? Cleaning your Gold Seal apartment doesn’t have to make you feel sick or hurt the planet, especially when you opt to make your own products at home, without harsh chemicals. Not only are DIY and alternative cleaning products healthier for you and better for the environment but they’re also much more affordable. In fact, many of the ingredients needed to make cleaning products are likely already in your Gold Seal apartment.

Eight cozy cafes to visit in Etobicoke

Etobicoke is full of coffee shops and cafes inviting you in to relax and catch up with friends, read a book, or just watch the world go by.

Whether you’re a coffee fanatic or a caffeine addict, the selection of cafes located near Gold Seal apartments in Etobicoke will surely satisfy you. Here are eight cozy cafes close to home that serve a rich and tasty cup of Joe along with a range of teas, savoury snacks, and light fare

Eight benefits of having house plants in your apartment

Not only are they pretty, but indoor plants can help to boost your positivity, reduce your chances of getting sick, and make you feel more relaxed at home. With a bit of greenery, your Gold Seal apartment will feel more inviting and you’ll reap the benefits of breathing in cleaner air. It’s a win-win situation. Here are eight plants to strategically place around your apartment and the perks each one has to offer…

Five fire safety tips for apartment dwellers

Winter is the worst season for residential fires, according to the Canada Safety Council. Fortunately, highrise fires don’t happen too often and, thankfully, most can be prevented by taking a few extra precautions around your Gold Seal Apartment: Check your smoke alarms every month, keep matches and lighters away from children, and, a big one, never leave cooking unattended.

Pamper yourself at these eight spas in Etobicoke

Whether your hair needs a blowout, or your back needs a rub, you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of these eight spas in Etobicoke

Seven fitness centres near Gold Seal’s Scarborough apartments

If you don’t have space in your apartment for a home workout, Scarborough is full of gym facilities designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals no matter what they are.

Tips for decorating your apartment on a budget for the holidays

December is a time when all kinds of traditions are celebrated, but it doesn’t have to get expensive.

If you’ve decided to host Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or even New Year’s Eve at your Gold Seal apartment this year, it’s easy to be frugal and still throw a stylish soirée.

Outdoor activities near Scarborough

In addition to its mosaic of different ethnic cultures, Scarborough is known for its breathtaking natural scenery. Not far from Gold Seal apartments, and all easily accessible by car or public transportation, you’ll find gorgeous snow-covered parks to explore and hills to take your sled to.

Of course, winter is a wonderful excuse to binge on Netflix, but you can’t do that every weekend! Next time you feel the need to get your heart racing, why not step into a pair of winter boots and take a hike? Yes, it’s cold out but you’ll feel invigorated after a few hours of fresh winter air.

Drinks and dancing: Top 8 bars and nightclubs in or near Etobicoke

Dance all night at a Balkan club, catch a live show at an intimate venue, or play pinball with friends in Etobicoke until the wee hours.

Whether you’re into live music and dancing or a more reserved evening at a whiskey bar, you’re sure to find a thriving nightlife not far from Gold Seal apartments in Etobicoke.

Seven fantastic fitness studios near Gold Seal’s apartments in Etobicoke

Whether it’s your first day on a stair climber or the day before a competition, Etobicoke has a variety of gyms that promise to whip you into shape.

Not only are gyms in Etobicoke located a short distance from Gold Seal’s apartments, but many of them are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Five must-see attractions near Gold Seal’s Scarborough apartments

Gold Seal’s Scarborough apartments are located close to some of Ontario’s most well-known tourist attractions.

With abundant daycare centres, parks and schools, Scarborough is a fantastic place to raise a family. In addition to neighbourhood playgrounds, families also enjoy easy access to exciting places like the Ontario Science Centre and Rouge National Urban Park.

Five popular picnic spots near Gold Seal’s Northwood Village apartments

old Seal’s apartment buildings at Jane and Finch are located close to a number of charming picnic spots and outdoor dining amenities in some the region’s most enchanting parks. Why not pack a picnic basket this weekend and take your family out for some fun in the sun, a simple outdoor feast, and memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget your swimsuits, a few towels, and a blanket.

How to choose the right air conditioner for your Gold Seal apartment

Having an air conditioner in your apartment will make life so much more enjoyable, not to mention comfortable. It means you won’t be perspiring all day or tossing and turning all night. When summertime temperatures hit close to 30 °C, indoor heat can become unbearable, even if you have dark window coverings and a fan turned on high.

9 ways to redecorate your Gold Seal apartment on a budget

With a little patience and a good eye, it’s completely possible to spruce up your entire space without spending a fortune. Even if you’re not into DIY projects, there are still numerous creative and economical ways to give your apartment a fresh look.

Tips for living with a roommate at your Gold Seal apartment

Whether you’re moving into a two-bedroom apartment with your best friend or a three-bedroom townhome with complete strangers, it’s important to establish some ground rules early on.

Maybe you’re cool to share a coffeemaker but your Jo Malone shampoo is off-limits. Maybe you like to play music while you cook but your roommate prefers a quiet home.

5 rainy day activities in Etobicoke for kids of all ages.

Don’t let poor weather rain on your parade. While summer is a great time of year to get outside and explore, even the best summer comes with a few wet days. Here are five spots in Etobicoke that’ll keep your kids entertained for hours, no matter how old they are, or what it’s like outside.

Festivals and other fun things to do in Scarborough this summer near Gold Seal Management’s Parkway Towers apartments

With so many festivals celebrating arts, culture, and cuisine, Scarborough is the place to be this summer. If you’re planning on moving into an apartment at Gold Seal’s Parkway Towers in Scarborough, then you can look forward to a variety of festivals happening close to home. For more events happening in Scarborough this summer, including dates and locations, keep reading!

Tips to save on electricity this summer at your Gold Seal Management apartment in Toronto

Many Gold Seal properties feature new windows and modern appliances, but there are still ways to reduce your energy consumption at home. Read on to find out how small changes can make a big difference to both your Toronto hydro bill and your bank account.

Golf courses close to Golden Elms

North York is a golfer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a challenging course, a high-end club, or just a nice place to play mini-putt with the kids, Gold Seal’s North York rental apartments are close to nearly a dozen immaculate golf facilities. From laid-back to luxurious, you’re guaranteed to find a golf course for any occasion close to home in North York.

What to look for in a Toronto rental property

While apartment hunting in Toronto by touring around the city until you find a ‘for sale’ sign certainly still works, there are many resources available that will make your search for the right apartment way less stressful. Here are a few tried and true tips to help you snag the apartment of your dreams in a city known for its tough rental market. You just have to be a little organized and know what to look for.

Life by Toronto’s Humber River

If you’re a shutterbug (professional or amateur) looking to move to a beautiful part of the city with your camera, then look no further than apartments for rent in Etobicoke by Gold Seal Property Management at Roxbury Manor.

Surrounded by mature trees and greenery for as far as the eye can see, tranquil creeks, and gorgeous walking trails along Lake Ontario (that will look great through your lens no matter what season it is), Roxbury Manor is a comfortable and well-kept residential building in Toronto’s west end with plenty of fabulous photo opportunities that will keep your camera clicking for years to come.

Family fun in Scarborough

Gold Seal’s beautiful two-bedroom apartments for rent at Victoria Village Towers in Scarborough is surrounded by parks, playgrounds, and all kinds of activities that are fun for the whole family. With more than a dozen licensed daycares centres, multiple public schools within walking distance, and fantastic recreation centres in the vicinity of Gold Seal’s Scarborough apartments, it’s safe to say Victoria Village is a vibrant family-friendly neighbourhood both you and your kids will love.

Benville Court – lovely and well-located

It takes more than just a prime location and great value to make a good apartment. While location will always be one of the most important factors when selecting an apartment, you need to look further than the address, the size and the price to ensure you’re choosing wisely.

Downsview: Conveniently located parkside living

A diverse neighbourhood in the north end of Toronto, Downsview was originally a farm located near the present intersection of Keele Street and Wilson Avenue. Today Downsview includes the area north to about Finch and east to Allen Road, encompassing the Downsview Airport and adjacent Downsview Park. A vibrant community, Downsview contains a variety of schools, (both regular public as well as Catholic), churches and community services. The rejuvinated park is a huge draw and destination, a great natural oasis in the city.

Parkway East: Great Location, Great Selection, Great Value

If you’re looking for convenience, affordability and selection, in a neighbourhood with good services and amenities, you might want to consider the area around Victoria Park between Lawrence and York Mills, often referred to as “Parkway East.” This is a prime location, just minutes from the intersection of the Don Valley Parkway and the 401 with a distinctly residential atmosphere. The community features several schools, churches, recreation facilities and, while there is great shopping conveniently situated, the apartments in this area are for the most part surrounded by lots of greenspace, convenient to parks and set on nicely landscaped grounds.

Humberlea: A Family Friendly Neighbourhood

Humberlea, a quiet North York community, lies on the east side of the Humber River between Wilson and Sheppard Avenues. To the east are the industrial lands which can be seen along Highway 400. From the early 1800s until the mid 1900s Humberlea was a thriving farming community, originally populated by residents of British descent. In the 1940s, the farmlands were sold to developers. After World War II, a large Italian population arrived and settled here and in the neighbouring areas of Pelmo Park and Weston just convenient to parks and set on nicely landscaped grounds.

Humber Summit: A Great Place to Live

The neighbourhood of Humber Summit, as the name suggests, is located just off of the Humber River at the top of the city. Technically within North York but looking more like neighbouring Etobicoke, Humber Summit includes dipping valleys, plenty of parks and tons of walking trails that follow the weaving currents of the river. It was, of course, the Humber River itself that first helped inhabit the area in the nineteenth century. Settlers came to work at pioneer Joseph Rowntree’s grist and saw mills, which he operated on Humber’s eastern and western banks. Affordable, quiet, convenient and picturesque, Humber Summit was a great place to live in the mid-1800’s and continues to be a great place to live today.

Emery: The New Urban

Emery, located in and around Weston Road and Finch Avenue in North York, is one of these neighbourhoods that exemplifies Toronto’s new urban demographic. The area has become popular because it is very convenient – located near highways and schools, very lush — located near a major park and river and with all of the great amenities and infrastructure accessible to this neighbourhood, it’s still very affordable.