Outdoor activities near Scarborough

Apartment Winter is no excuse to stay indoors, especially if you live in Scarborough. In addition to its mosaic of different ethnic cultures, Scarborough is known for its breathtaking natural scenery. Not far from Gold Seal apartments, and all easily accessible by car or public transportation, you’ll find gorgeous snow-covered parks to explore and hills to take your sled to. Of course, winter is a wonderful excuse to binge on Netflix, but you can’t do that every weekend! Next time you feel the need to get your heart racing, why not step into a pair of winter boots and take a hike? Yes, it’s cold out but you’ll feel invigorated after a few hours of fresh winter air. Here are five ways to enjoy Scarborough this season:

1. Explore the Scarborough Bluffs

Even in winter, the Scarborough Bluffs along Lake Ontario make for a scenic way to spend the day. With 15 km of hiking trails, you’ll want to bring a pair of snowshoes and take in every stunning view. Don’t forget your camera and make sure you dress warmly as it’s always colder by the lake, especially on a windy day.

2. View wildlife at Rouge Park

There are countless opportunities to view wildlife and enjoy Scarborough’s sunset views, even in the winter. At Canada’s first national urban park, located less than 20 minutes from Gold Seal’s Sandalwood Manor apartments, you’ll find 47-sq-km of hiking trails through meadows, forests, wetlands and farmland. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the location and check the weather before you leave.

3. Round up the kids and go tobogganing

If tobogganing is more your speed, then Scarborough’s the place to be. You and your family will find fantastic tobogganing opportunities all within a short drive from Gold Seal apartments. Take your sled for a ride down the hill at Birchmount Park, located just five minutes from Parkway Manor. You can also hop in the car and head to Cornell park, which is near Gold Seal’s Sandalwood Manor apartments.

4. Lace-up your skates and hit the ice

There are more than 100 ice-skating rinks across Toronto and a good chunk of them are in Scarborough. Centennial ice rink, located less than 20 minutes from Gold Seal’s Sandalwood Manor Apartments, offers all kinds of drop-in programs including adult skate, leisure skate, and child skate with caregiver. Other nearby skating rinks can be found at the Major League Sportsplex, Scarborough Village Recreation Centre and Heron Park Community Centre.

5. Join the Scarborough Cross Country Ski Club

You don’t need wheels to travel the backcountry when you have the Scarborough Cross Country Ski Club. This ski club makes 10 bus trips a year from Scarborough Central Arena on Ellesmere to a variety of cross-country skiing destinations in Southern Ontario. This year, members will head to the Blue Mountains and the Highlands Nordic, both of which are located about an hour north of Gold Seal’s Scarborough apartments. Gold Seal owns and manages a number of townhomes and apartment buildings across the GTA including North York, Etobicoke, and Toronto. To view Gold Seal apartments for rent, be sure to visit goldsealmanagement.com today.