Five fire safety tips for apartment dwellers

downsview Winter is the worst season for residential fires, according to the Canada Safety Council. Fortunately, highrise fires don’t happen too often and, thankfully, most can be prevented by taking a few extra precautions around your Gold Seal Apartment: Check your smoke alarms every month, keep matches and lighters away from children, and, a big one, never leave cooking unattended. Did you know cooking is the number one cause of household fires in Canada? That includes single-family homes, condos and apartment buildings. In 2014, Ontario firefighters responded to 5,951 residential fires, many of which were caused by cluttered kitchens and distracted chefs. Taking simple precautions when cooking in your Gold Seal apartment is the number one way you can keep your home safe. In addition to cooking with care, here are five other ways you can prevent a fire in your Gold Seal apartment.
  1. Keep your portable heater no less than one metre away from highly combustible furniture, curtains, laundry, clothes, and even yourself.
  2. Do NOT smoke in your bedroom. If you need nicotine at night, get a vape. A cigarette that is lit and left to burn unattended can easily burst into flames if it comes into contact with flammable furniture. According to the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, bedroom fires account for 73 per cent of all house fire fatalities.
  3. Double-check your home for faulty electrical outlets and, likewise, survey any outdated appliances and adaptor plugs for frayed cords. These can eventually become damaged by overuse, and over time, can cause a fire in your apartment.
  4. Keep candles away from children and any easily ignitable items such as books and tissue boxes. Always make sure to blow out your candle before leaving the room.
  5. Check your lamps for fire hazards including wobbly bases and heat buildup around the lampshade. It’s best to keep lamps away from wood panelling, ceiling timber, and foot traffic. Lastly, never leave a lamp turned on while you’re away from home.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Statistics show that on average, fire kills eight people each week in Canada, with residential fires accounting for more than 70 per cent of these fatalities. If there is a fire in your apartment, the best thing you can do is leave quickly to protect yourself from the smoke. Do not use the elevator. If you are unable to leave your apartment, place wet towels at the bottom of your door and, literally, lay low. If possible, show rescuers where you are by hanging a sheet from the window of your apartment and, if you have a balcony, go there to wait for instructions. For more information to help you survive a fire, talk to your building management or the fire department. Gold Seal owns and manages a number of gorgeous townhomes and well-maintained apartment buildings across the GTA including North York, Scarborough, and Toronto. Apartments are located in thriving neighbourhoods close to public transportation, parks, schools, a wide variety of restaurants and bars, and family-friendly attractions. To view Gold Seal apartments for rent be sure to visit today.